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Working from home with AnyDesk
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Whether for freelancers, medium-sized companies or large enterprises: Working from home has become increasingly relevant in the last few months. That’s why it’s important to have a strong partner at your side who can help you create the right conditions to productively work from home with secure and easy-to-use software.

Ensure business continuity

A solution for remote work ensures that your business can continue, regardless of potential external influences such as a lockdown or inclement weather.

React quickly and flexibly to support staff while remaining competitive. With the right digital infrastructure, you can have confidence that your continuity plan will support business success under any circumstance.

Discover the most important features for an efficient workday from home.

Increase productivity and employee satisfaction

Working from home increases productivity. The reason is simple: by working from home, employees can organize their workday themselves.

They are more flexible and less stressed. This kind of flexibility also supports a corporate culture of work-life balance, which is critical to retention and recruitment.

Design the workplace 2.0

The future of work is a central idea when it comes to the workplace of tomorrow. It means using resources more efficiently, simplifying work processes, creating space for new ideas and encouraging creativity.

Stay interesting for professionals by paving the way for location-independent work – with the help of remote access software like AnyDesk.

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