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Your Security Is Important to Us

How we keep you safe:

AnyDesk offers a high level of security by default through encryption.

  • We prevent unauthorized access to connections with TLS 1.2 technology, which is also used in online banking.
  • We encrypt every connection with asymmetric RSA 2048 key exchange.
  • All connections offer Perfect Forward Secrecy thanks to Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral Handshake (DHE). Therefore, sessions cannot be decrypted by third parties.
  • Salted Password Hashing is used to protect your passwords. Decryption is simply not possible.

Increase the Security of AnyDesk!

The best features offered for your security:

Two-Factor Authentication

AnyDesk gives you the opportunity to double-protect any device you want to use remotely. In addition to setting an unattended access password, a time-based one-time password for Two-Factor Authentication adds an additional layer of protection. You can double-secure your my.AnyDesk account using two-factor authentication, as well.

Privacy Mode

Blacken the screen you are working on remotely in Privacy Mode. This is very useful if you have to maintain devices that are visible to the public, or if you work from home and you access your office computer remotely from a public office space. This prevents sensitive data and documents you are working on from being seen by unauthorized individuals.

Access Control List and Device Locking

AnyDesk helps you control access to your device. Create a whitelist that will only allow authorized addresses to connect to your device. Session requests from unknown and undesired users will then automatically be rejected.

Automatically lock the target device after the session ends, protecting it from unauthorized access even after you have finished your work.


When you receive a session request, you can assign precisely defined authorizations to the user that is asking for access even before the session begins. Want to just share your screen? Deny use of the mouse and keyboard, clipboard, and more to ensure that no unauthorized person can view documents on your device or copy files.

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