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Make AnyDesk your own

Remote Access is what you make it. Configure your own AnyDesk version with custom settings to fit your security requirements.


With AnyDesk, you always stay in control. Create a Custom Client on my.anydesk with your own feature set. Disable certain features, for example the Address Book, and keep an overview over your clients and their activity.

Brand identity

Your corporate identity will not be disrupted with AnyDesk. Change the colors and logo of your Custom Client to fit to your brand and offer a consistent experience to your users and customers.


Restrict access or only allow incoming or outgoing sessions. You can always be sure that AnyDesk fits to your personal security requirements – not the other way around. We also offer an "Incoming Only Client" specifically for support cases. Only Session Request are enabled.

Perfect for your work

IT administration

As an IT administrator, it is important to stay in control over software used by your users. Make sure that your users get the ideal feature set. At the same time, you have an overview over all of your clients. You can also define an Access Control List, so your clients can only be contacted by you.

Remote Support

Build up your client’s trust by configuring the set of permissions. Display your own logo to create trust. For Remote Support, you can also create a public Custom Client. Embed a link on your website that starts a download with your predefined Client. A roll out to your customers is really easy.

Work from home

Configure the ideal Custom Client for Working from home. Rest assured that your users have the feature set they need and that security requirements of your company are met by simply disabling or enabling features.

Tutorial: How to customize AnyDesk

Discover your options to create your own version of AnyDesk

Tutorial: How to customize AnyDesk

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Discover advanced configurations for your Custom Client.

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