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Security is our priority. That’s why we offer a second security layer to our already secure Unattended Access. Use a password and an additional one-time number code.

Unattended Access

Together with Unattended Access, Two-Factor Authentication helps you to connect to your remote device via password without having to manually accept the session request first. That way, you can work from anywhere, and anytime.

Maximum security

In addition to a password access, Two-Factor Authentication adds another security layer – a unique number code – ensuring you are the only person who can access the remote device.

Time-limited access code

Two-Factor Authentication works by scanning a unique QR code with an authenticator app that generates random number codes. This code can only be used once and expires after some time.

Highest security standards

Remote Work

Some workstations can be accessed by
multiple people using Unattended Access. But for your own work PC, it doesn't hurt to add another security layer with Two-Factor Authentication, ensuring that you are the only person able to access the device.

Remote maintenance

Sometimes, IT service employee have to
maintain devices with sensitive data. Instead of having someone accept the session request manually, it is much more secure to use Unattended Access and additional Two-Factor Authentication.


With AnyDesk, you can even remotely control powerful machines like 3D printers or telescopes. It is important to keep the sensitive settings of these machines intact, so you should be the only one accessing them using a password and Two-Factor Authentication.

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