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Session Invitation – quick and easy

With AnyDesk, it is very easy to send out a Session Invitation. It only takes two clicks, whether you invite a customer for Remote Support or a colleague for Remote Collaboration.

Fast and intuitive

When needing support, you can now easily invite people to your device. Just click the button next to your ID/ Alias to open a window. Enter here the ID/ Alias of the person you want to invite to your device. The invite can be accepted with just one click and a Remote Session will be started.


The Session Invitation is convenient when you want to share your screen with a guest. You don't have to call or text your guest to invite them to access your desktop. Instead, just send out an invitation. By clicking on the button to invite people, you can even define permissions for that session.


AnyDesk offers various features for different use cases. At the same time, it does not overstain users. Installation and setup are very simple, and easy-to-use for everyone – even for users with limited IT knowledge.

AnyDesk supports you at work

Remote Support

Providing Remote Support is easy with AnyDesk. Invite your client through Session Invitation and benefit from everything that our software offers.


AnyDesk can also be used for presentations. Simply invite guests and share your screen. Collaborate with them by using the Text Chat or the Whiteboard features.


Time is money! Luckily, with AnyDesk you can save a lot of time. The software can be set up very fast – within only a few clicks it is ready to use!

Tutorial: Get started with AnyDesk

See how easy it is to get started with AnyDesk

Tutorial: Get started with AnyDesk

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